Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Update 1

Hi to anyone listening,
Wow this has been a crazy few days! I've just finished college (with more stuff to finish off) for the summer and have jumped head first into the project. As usual i have come up with this crazy idea of dealing with the base/generic case first and then building from there (what can i say, its what i do!). so right now I'm investigating the wonderful marble code to find anything that could be deemed as a layer (in the rendering sense) and extracting all of that in a frame work for all layers, present and future! The reason for this in my mind is to keep track of memory management and what not in a base class so that coders of new layers can keep upstairs at the high level coding ;)
so right now I'm off to find all that i can that would apply to the generic base classes. after i do about 1/2 hours of work on that today I'll move onto some information gathering, as in how to get my gps info from my gpx/device into the virtual world. that is my plan for today, oh and to contact the kde-edu mailing list, and so help me I'll be putting my all into it! this stuff is great craic! (and for all you non Irish, that just means fun )
Slan leat (goodbye)

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Next up!

ok, now that everything in the start has calmed down i am seeing some sort of a direction in my madness emerging. i have contacted my mentor and will be making note of all the things that he had told me to get started on and hopefully start to put time to explore into my schedual. it will be happening soon but i'd like to be able to put it in tomorrow!
another thing that i have been trying to get used to is the communication within my organisation. its hard to follow what exactly it is that i have to follow, find out where (or when) there is going to be a crutial communication and try and be there when it hits. of course its a learning curve, just have to find out what sheet to learn it from!
project wise, i've so far just started laying out my lists. not very big i hear you say? if you knew me you'd see just how big of an effect a list can have in my daily comings and goings.
so, thats it for now. just a story of exploring, making time and generating the list that will guide me and my project to salvation!
over and out...

Friday, 13 April 2007

Google Sumer of code

Well if it isn't the best place to start my blog. I as of yet have kept as far away as i can from the idea of bloging because i just don't have time!! but i've just been accepted to google summer of code and i think its time to make a blog. its not gonna be of my personal life journey but instead i'll try and keep it updated on my academic journey instead. watch this space