Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Update 1

Hi to anyone listening,
Wow this has been a crazy few days! I've just finished college (with more stuff to finish off) for the summer and have jumped head first into the project. As usual i have come up with this crazy idea of dealing with the base/generic case first and then building from there (what can i say, its what i do!). so right now I'm investigating the wonderful marble code to find anything that could be deemed as a layer (in the rendering sense) and extracting all of that in a frame work for all layers, present and future! The reason for this in my mind is to keep track of memory management and what not in a base class so that coders of new layers can keep upstairs at the high level coding ;)
so right now I'm off to find all that i can that would apply to the generic base classes. after i do about 1/2 hours of work on that today I'll move onto some information gathering, as in how to get my gps info from my gpx/device into the virtual world. that is my plan for today, oh and to contact the kde-edu mailing list, and so help me I'll be putting my all into it! this stuff is great craic! (and for all you non Irish, that just means fun )
Slan leat (goodbye)